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Business Calendar is a calendar that allows its users to carry out a thorough and comprehensive management of their daily activities, while always synchronizing with Google Calendars, so that the user can keep up with everything they have to do from their computer screen.

The application includes lots of features designed especially for these types of users, such as: the ability to view a single day or up to two weeks (to see what you have for next week), a monthly view with less details, agenda mode view, a specific events viewer, and more. Also there is a search function, the ability to configure all types of widgets and different time bars from which to manage everything.

In addition to all of this, the application comes with a very simple interface that will all you to navigate with total ease, by sliding your finger across the screen and using the convenient events quick view. It should be noted, though, that this free version does not include all the features that the paid version includes, but it is still perfectly functional.

Business Calendar is a very useful tool for people that are very busy and need a good agenda, that simply manages daily activities, but without skimping on possibilities.
Microsoft pulls the plug on Sunrise Calendar and migrates features to Outlook

One of the most-used, non-Google Android calendars available has always been Sunrise Calendar, a smart organizer loaded with exclusive features and acquired by Microsoft in February 2015. As usual for this type of acquisition, the company's plans were to shut down the service to integrate its features into its own tool, Outlook. Well, that day has come, and as of Wednesday, Sunrise Calendar will no longer function and will make way for its successor. This makes it an ideal moment to check out the available calendar alternatives for Android.
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